Dilsree gypasum Plastering Perungottukurussi,Pambadi Road,Palakkad, India

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About Us

   DILSREE GYPSUM PLASTERING is rapidly growing gypsum plastering and construction & designing firm in Oduvangad, Palakkad.

Service Provided

  • gypsum plastering  contract work ,gypsum wall plastering gypsum sealing work
  • Designing and construction 

                   DILSREE GYPSUM PLASTERING  is executing the gypsum plastering works in all over Kerala. we focus not to compromise on the professional quality and the integrity of our works. Past these months, we have an excellent track record in proving the quality, work ethics and good business practices among our clients.

we are the one of the supplier and service provider of plastering Grade Gypsum(WHYTAL) material in India, we are supplying specially processed and developed material for internal plastering works on all type of walls and ceilings. We are furnishing here under the details of our service, material parameters,challenges,company profile,Technical details,major projects Accomplishments,for your reference.

Our Service:

                            we are providing plastering Grade Gypsum plaster and competitive operatives for internal plastering of buildings . while using WHYTAL Gypsum plaster customer avail the following benefits,

  • CEMENT and SAND not require
  • Gypsum Plaster never create cracks
  • No worries of labour and supervision, because we provide both.
  • No curing required; After using our material curing not require. "Save Water" ,"Save Money"
  • No White Cement Require: 
  • No Putty Required : Gypsum Plastering not require this process. " Save Money " our material control pollution and free from chemical
  • WHYTAL Gypsum Plaster reduce temperature in rooms and also provide a smooth finish.


Gypsum material is consisted of calcium Oxide (CaO) and sulpher Trioxide (SO3)  and the properties of Gypsum are environment friendly and supportive to the human being.therefor gypsum plaster is being used for plastering purpose in Hospitals,school, in other countries where as cement based plastering materials contain chemical caused for Allergy,breath troubles  etc. with some people.There are other gypsum available in the market as marine gypsum which have salt content,phosphate & synthetic gypsum are affect the durability of plastering so mined Gypsum specially Processed for plastering is recommended for plastering of construction buildings.

In recent years, the construction industry witnessed a lot of new trends,advanced technology and innovations,everything focused to enhance the quality in construction and prompt delivers. Accordingly various new material combinations and method of operations implemented in the construction industry and its rewrite the quality, delivery and cost effectiveness of construction industry.Gypsum plaster is a substitute for the generations old method of sand cement surface plastering and Gypsum plaster is even older method recreated with modern technology and advancement for plastering purpose.While going through the history of WHYTAL plaster we can found Gypsum Plaster used for plastering of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt centuries ago and it is still intact,which proved the durability & performance of this product.

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