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Grid furniture mart,palarivattom  in Ernakulam , Ernakulam has been in the business of retailing and distributing furniture. This dealer primarily stocks and retails furniture and interior décor for homes and households. It also deals in office furnishings for commercial spaces and business establishments. In the business for years, this enterprise is one of the prominent points-of-sale in the city for buying fancy and stylish furniture pieces. It features a product range that is sync with the accepted trends and styles in interior décor and design. Being of high quality, trendy designs and available at affordable price points, the products have helped them gain a staggering base of customers over the course of time. For the local citizens of Eranakulam, this furniture retailer is a recognised name. It occupies a prominent location at Ground Floor , , surrounded by innumerous shopping destinations and commercial complexes. palarivattom Junction acts as a landmark in locating this showroom. Contact numbers to reach out to this dealer are: +91 9946400500.

Services offered by Grid Furniture Mart Enterprises:

Grid furniture,palarivattom in Ernakulam  has a vast catalogue of furniture pieces to cater to residences as well as office spaces. For decorating your home, you can select from a variety of elegantly crafted wooden almirahs, center tables, cottz beds, dining tables, diwan-cum-beds, foam diwans, sofa sets and dining tables. You can shop for a wide range of office furniture such as executive chairs. This establishment is also into designing, installing and support services for modular kitchens through kitchen-by-design service. On the premises is a team of sales staff that help you in shortlisting from their furniture range according to your needs and requirements. You can conveniently pay for your purchase at this shop using Cash.

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