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We are one of the oldest business families in India with a family legacy of 109 years in business. Started for the noble cause of nation-building and self-sustenance in a pre-independent India, the forefathers believed ethical, honest and transparent business practices should form the foundation of the group.

Having ventured into jewellery retailing in 1993 in Thrissur, Kerala, India, where we are headquartered, we have 135 showrooms spread across India and GCC.

Having ventured into jewellery retailing in 1993 in Thrissur, Kerala, India, where we are headquartered, we have 135 showrooms spread across India and GCC.

Indian jewellery, its craftsmanship and variety is an amazing showcase of India’s heritage, culture and diversity. With a deep understanding of local tastes and preferences, Kalyan offers an array of traditional and contemporary jewellery designs in gold, diamonds, precious stones and other precious metals.

We at Kalyan have always believed that the customer needs to be educated and aware, as this is the first step in preventing malpractices in business. As a part of this philosophy we have conducted several campaigns over the years, to educate customers about purity, pricing and other aspects. These efforts of Kalyan have gone a long way in the industry, that is now becoming more transparent towards the customer’s interests. We believe that this is our legacy to the industry.

Inspired by the trust we have earned across varied markets, we will soon be expanding into new markets across India, GCC, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and more.


Our Vision is our framework that guides our business and everything about it

To understand and delight the world, translating everyone’s dream and personality into jewellery, and spread the happiness from it to all.


Our mission declares our purpose of existence as a company and our objectives.

To give every customer much more than what he asks for in terms of quality, selection, value for money and customer service, by understanding local tastes and preferences and innovating constantly to eventually provide an unmatched experience in jewellery shopping.

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