Raanthal is a fine dining family Restaurant situated near Mother Hospital & Rani menon Hospital in thrissur Town.
Raanthal offers variety of options for Brunch, Lunch, Lunch Buffet, Malabar snacks, Juice, Ice creams, Mock tails, Lassi, Tandoor,Seafood and Chinese.
Our friendly staff are well trained and they are keen on briefly about our fusion cuisine specialty dishes including the blend of Thai, Srilankan, Tamil, Korean, North, India, South India, Malabar, Mughal, Italians.

Raanthal the lantern promise you great Ambience, Ecofriendly, Buzzy, Kids and Family friendly Restaurant.
Its our pleasure to deliver freshly cooked meals & dishes, an exciting yet satisfying variety of cuisines, we do indeed, deliver exactly what you expect to taste.
We are open 7 days a week including bank holidays and aside from fantastic dining experiences, excellent home delivery, take away service and party orders for parties and special occasions also under taken by Raanthal Management.

Our challenge to ensure quality food, warm hospitality made us success.

Have a pleasure to visit the Raanthal just sip a cup of Davidoff coffee, we are glad to show you around our excellent facilities & services like Malabar snack counter, Juice and vallete parking services, Take away counter, Entertaining music system, Kids friendly staff, Party hall, Kids gym, Cradle’s, Candle light dinner, Lunch buffet, Breakfast buffet, Pudding counter, feeding Room, Prayer room, Special attention for senior citizen, Finger bowl services for disabled personalities and business centre. The vast choices of dishes appeared in our menu, may have been your favourite ones.

Few of our special dishes like Chattipathiri, Malabar chicken curry, Malabar mutton curry, Irachi puttu, Dragon chicken, Thai chicken, Korean beef, Idiyirachi,Sahna’s dum biriyani, Fish pollichathu, Chemmeen roast, Sadiqs kozhi mulaku make our guest come back for more. We sincerely express our gratitude to our special guest they have made us what we are today.

Simply give us a call or message and let us know you requirement

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  • Monday NA-NA
  • Tuesday NA-NA
  • Wednesday NA-NA
  • Thursday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
  • Friday NA-NA
  • Saturday NA-NA
  • Sunday Closed-Closed



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