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 Kitex family group,Kizhakkambalam, Kerala 683562, India

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This is a community of people who worked in a  great organisation KITEX limited.. The relationship between people were very strong and stable when never existed  social medias such Facebook,watsap..Everyone had talked with there colleagues, discussed about there problems and found suitable remedies.This group is a community of people who worked the great organisation from almost 1995to 2008.Now we tried to make that all persons again re-constructed that community..When we commenced this group was only below 15 members but now a days its going to be around 120 people..And today it"s not a just individual friendship rather than  this relationship has grown up between families..

May god bless us a lot of this community, so far as we go forward as long as.........


Refering to this group unforgettable person is our admin Mrs. SMITHA(chenda).This group was created by her effort"s

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